photo (35)

Purdue University Bee School Field Day 2015

Indy bee school 2017

Indy 2017

Top bar hive class at Indy bee school 2017

Full top bar hive class at Indy bee school 2017

photo (36)

Purdue University Bee School Field Day 2015

photo (37)

Purdue University Bee School Field Day 2015

Indiana Beekeepers Bee School 2016

Greene County Beekeepers field day

Top bar hive class at the Heartland Apiculture Society, Bowling Green, KY, 2016

photo (30)

Indiana Bee School 2016

Top Bar hive class at Indiana Bee School 2016

photo (17)

Copper Penny hive kit before boxing.

Some swarms are just hard to get.

The ole put a 5 gallon bucket under them and shake trick.

Even ole dad has to take one for the team every now and then. Bee suit was hanging in the garage.



Heartland Apicultural Society Bee Yard

USI 2017

4-14-2017. HUGE SWARM at least 6 lbs. In brush to deep to shake out. Had to get Neil Bedwell with his bee vacuum.

Bee Vacuum. Thank you Neil for the help. Could not have got them out without you.

Neil Bedwell. NO SHIRT!!!! 4th generation beekeeper.


photo (21)

It’s not a honeybee. It’s a fly.

photo (22)

It’s a fly that was robbing the bees at the feeder.

Loggers cut into this tree and had to make a run for it.

Another view of the bee tree.

photo (27)

Cody with the log on the mule. Placed screen wire over the end and stuck a shop rag in the crack. He does not wear any protective clothing.

photo (26)

I have got to get that swarm!!!!!

photo (29)

A drone is born.

Alan is getting the hang of it.

photo (16)

3 pound package

photo (15)

3 pound package

Queen cell

photo (19)

3 queen cells

photo (33)

Observation window

photo (32)

Observation window

Aubrey lovse fresh capping’s.

Ian loves fresh capping’s

Aubrey’s 7th birthday present

Happy Birthday with a new bee (18)


One happy little beekeeper

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Before picture of cut out.

After pic. The hive was huge.

Another pic of the cut out.

Grandkids love the viewing window. January 2017.

-19 below zero, ouch!


Top Bar class Indy Bee School 2017

Studying at the Indy Bee School



Top bar beehive and rocket bat houses

In the box they march.



It’s 12 noon, time to eat!

Beehive wood.


Queen Edna

If you don’t nose your bees, nose a beekeeper.


Swarm box caught one!

Queen is in box and the troops are marching in to join her.

Native leaf cutter and mason bee hive.

Native leaf cutter and mason bee hive.


Great start to straight comb.

The queen if free.

Queen is in the box and just waiting on the rest to march in.

photo (20)

Two queen cells

Wax moths

Don is taking pictures

Queen Edna in swarm.