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Copper Penny Hive



Superior Bee Supply’s Classic Copper Penny Top Bar Garden Beehive Kit.


Made with furniture grade kiln dried hardwood. All pieces are sculptured with C.N.C. precision manufacturing. Each and every hive is made with the utmost quality in both material and workmanship. We will NEVER use plywood or USB. A hinged roof gives you an easy no heavy lifting access to the inside of your hive. Roof is 30 year guarantee Copper Penny Steel roof that will protect your hive for decades. A observation window in the middle of the hive comes with hinged shutter included. The hive is 4 feet long overall with 36 inch pressure treated legs. A screened bottom board with sticky boards included for natural no chemical Varroa mite control. Bee entrances come with mouse guards already installed.

All top bars are rabbet cut on the ends to prevent slide off and to ensure proper alignment. All  top bars come with a 100% pure bees wax starter strip already installed to provide your bees with a straight start (see picture) for their comb. There is plenty of room so you don’t have to worry about crowding. This hive with 28 top bars has about the same volume as a 3 deep hive body/super Langstroth hive.

Backer /follower board is included with the kit.

No bending, no stooping, no lifting heavy supers. Everything you do with this hive is done at waist level. All you have to move/lift at any one time is one 8 or 10 pound top bar. No special equipment needed to get your honey. You simply cut the honey comb off the top bar and either have comb honey or crush and use an iced tea type strainer to separate your honey from the comb. A tea strainer is the finest filter we use to filter our honey so the pollen and other good stuff remain in the honey.

This is not some skimpy kit. It weighs in at a hefty shipping weight of 76 pounds As you can see from the pictures, the hives are made of precision C.N.C. sculptured furniture grade hardwood with all the hardware (screws, bolts, hinges, chain, etc.) included.

Once the kit is assembled, all you have to do is add the bees.

And you can see we not only stand behind them, we stand 642 pounds on them.

You may find cheaper hives, but you never find a better hive. It will look great in your yard or garden for many many years to come.

You can go to for a complete video of the hive body assembly. For the roof assembly go to   The kit will not be stained or painted. The wood is unfinished.

We recommend if you stain the wood, to use linseed oil to preserve it (exterior of hive only). The linseed oil can be reapplied with the bees in the hive. Simply go out the night before you are going to refinish the hive and block the entrance holes in the hive. Then early next morning go out apply a coat of linseed oil to the exterior of the hive. Let it set for about an hour, then wipe off the excess oil and release the bees.

The red Dutch Barn in the instructional is an identical assembly to the Classic Copper Penny, just red paint and a different metal for the roof.

You can see in the video how easy and fool proof the assembly of the hive kit really is!   


Additional information

Weight 74 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 12 x 12 in