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Superior Bee Supplies’ Liquid Syrup Feeder.

Feeder holds one gallon of syrup.

This feeder allows you to feed your bees without opening the hive chamber. No need to suit up or light the smoker.  You just open the lid/roof of your hive and pour in the syrup. NO STING FEEDING.

The feeder sets in the rear of the hive away from the hive entrance to prevent robbing. Entrance type feeders promote robbing.


We recommend feeding a half sugar half water by weight ( 2 lbs of sugar to a quart of water) mix in the spring or when setting a new colony of bees in the hive. The bees will use the 50/50 mixture to build new comb and to feed the brood.

In the late fall we do a 2 part sugar and 1 part water by weight (4 lbs sugar to a quart of water). This mixture allows the bees to store the syrup like honey and they do not have to process the extra water out of the syrup as the weather cools.

The back of the feeder acts as the follower board making it the rear of the hive chamber.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 16 x 8 in