Superior Bee Lure 6 Pack “FREE SHIPPING”




You get 6 containers of Superior Bee Supply’s Superior Bee Lure.

Our very best honeybee swarm lure made  FRESH in 2018 .

This lure is not made in China and has not been setting on a shelf for years wasting away. Concentrated, long lasting and all natural (no artificial anything) paste to keep attracting bees. Rub this around your swarm trap/box entrance and inside to attract the swarm scout bees. The scout bees then return to the swarm and bring the others back to your trap.

Catching honeybee swarms consists of many variables. The lure acts as an invitation to the bees to come visit your swarm box/trap. If they do not like what they find when they visit your box/trap they will not move in. Remember Location, Location, Location, the direction the box entrance is facing and the height of the box above the ground. We have had the best luck with the box entrance facing south to south east and approximately 6 feet off the ground. Make sure the box mount is solid. Bees do not like the box moving in the wind.

We use a little trick with cotton swabs. We rub both ends of the swab in Superior Bee Lure, break it in half and then stick the broken ends of the swab in cracks/gaps in the box or in the bark of the tree near the box. The swabs become little wicks sticking up in the breeze spreading the scent. Direct sunlight on the lure also helps, as it heats up it releases more scent.

Good Luck and remember to be bee friendly.