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Hinged Candy Feeder

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Our Superior Hinged Candy Feeder is used in the winter as an emergency food supply for your bees.

The time to use this feeder is when you have stopped the liquid feeding and are setting the bees in for the winter.

We use a sugar to water mixture of approximately one half a cup of water to 4 pounds of sugar. It is similar to wet sand. Pack the mixture in the dry feeder and allow the mix to dry. It will set up like a hard sugar cube. Once set, simply close the feeder like a book and place it in the rear of the hive away from the entrance.

This not only acts as an emergency food supply, but it also acts like a sponge soaking up any excess moisture in the hive.

Excess Moisture/Condensation from bee breath and from the moisture in the honey is a real problem in the winter. It’s similar to setting in your car in cold weather. The windows fog up.  Remember, cold bees are live bees. Wet bees are dead bees. We have found that the hard candy type feeders do nothing to help control excess moisture. They just set there and sweat.

This feeder will hold approximately 9 pounds of sugar.

The back of the feeder is also the winter follower board.

We use this feeder every winter in ever hive. You do not want to go out in the spring and find that your bees have starved to death, when it is so easy to prevent with just a couple of dollars worth of sugar.

It’s a no brainer in my book.

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